Attorney and Title Agent

Terry "T.J." Brinson is a lifelong Suwannee County resident. A military veteran, former prosecutor, and current private attorney, Mr. Brinson is thorough in his handling of transactions, and works hard to bring his clients, and customers, peace of mind. If you have any questions about your closing, give him a call on his personal cell phone at (386) 590-1330.



Kyle McLeod has been a staple in the local legal community for going on two decades. Matching his experience in the courtroom is his ability to discuss matters of complexity in a manner that his clients, and customers, understand. Mr. McLeod also brings personal experience in the real estate process, understanding the experience through the lens of a purchaser as well as a closer.

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Senior Title Agent

Mrs. Moore has been working the title industry for nearly 35 years. Her experience in the process of title search, title examination, commitments, closing, and the various other necessities of the complicated process of the transaction of real estate means there is very likely little that she has not encountered during the course of her career. Debbie takes enormous pride in her work and will bring her knowledge to your closing.



Mrs. Moore has worked not only in title and closing services, but as a loan processor for local banks. She enjoys taking care of questions any customer may have, as well as discussing various issues that may arise during the normal course of real estate closings.